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Nebraska Learns 2.0: 2013’s Best Tech Tools and ‘United Breaks Guitars’

The Nebraska Learns 2.0 Thing for January is ‘The Best Tech Tools of 2013‘ For this month’s Thing, we’d like you to tell us what you think was the Best Tech Tool or Service of 2013. The ‘experts’ have had their say, now it’s your turn. Another facet of Nebraska Learns 2.0 is BookThing. Each month we […]

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Thing #46: Stixy

This month’s thing from Nebraska Learns 2.0 is Stixy. Having has a very busy month

Thing #45: Account Settings

This month’s thing was to go back and take a look at settings in all

Nebraska Learns 2.0: Foursquare

Nebraska Learns 2.0 is the Nebraska Library Commission’s ongoing online learning program. The goal of

Thing #42: Pimp Your Twitter

Sorry, I missed doing last month due to all the conference and travel that October

Announcing Thing #41: No Excuse Not To Learn (or “How To” 2.0)

The latest Thing posted to our Nebraska Learns 2.0 blog is: Thing #41: No Excuse Not

Thing #40c: Funky Photos

Nebraska Learns 2.0’s Thing #40 is titled Funky Photos. It asked us to play around

Thing #40b: Pixlr

And now, my results from Pixlr. Original: Old Photo: Posterize: Solarize: Inverted: Pink: Fairey:

Thing #40a: Aviary results

I’m going to be writing about thing #40 over several posts. This one is the

Thing #37: Engaging Your Users with Polls and Surveys

This month’s thing involved posting a poll or survey. Here’s my poll via Twtpoll: