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The Old Reader is no longer a Google Reader replacement option

That’s why The Old Reader has to change. We have closed user registration, and we

Why Google really killed Reader, it wants to kill RSS

This isn’t an issue of “openness”, per se — Twitter, for instance, has very good

The sad, surprising story of Google Reader.

It was later that year when a Google colleague challenged Wetherell to construct an Atom

RIP RSS delivery of Google Alerts

Wow, I guess I should have seen this coming but I still don’t get it. Google killed Google Reader but it also killed RSS delivery of Google Alerts. Hello, Google? What is the logic behind this short of just trying to kill RSS? Here’s what I saw in Feedly this morning: When I got to Google Alerts […]

Magazines have finally killed blogs — but in a way you never expected

io9 has a very interesting take on the end of Google reader and the differences between open content and siloed content: But most people using the web today don’t have a history that stretches back to Usenet in the 1990s. When it comes to reading, their history is informed by two things: if they’re younger, it’s […]

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Align RSS Images

If you read this blog via RSS, you may have noticed that the images that I’ve floated to the right on the blog, now actually float to the right in the feed.  (Like that one over there ==>) How did I do that? I stumbled over the Align RSS Images plugin: Align RSS Images is a […]

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One feed to rule them all

This one is for those of us running multi-site WordPress installs. In my case, a co-worker was following each and every RSS feed for each of the participating libraries hosted by Nebraska Libraries on the Web. Trouble is, that’s 50+ feeds and she had to subscribe to a new one every time a new site […]

Yep, no one used Google Reader

I was just pointed toward The Old Reader as a possible Google Reader replacement. Although

It’s Not Just Reader – Google Kills Its RSS Subscription Browser Extension, Too

Has Google got it out for RSS? Oh Google. Thought we wouldn’t notice that you’re trying

Bloglines: 24 hours later

So, I’ve been running Bloglines instead of Google Reader exclusively for the past 24 hours.