One feed to rule them all

imageThis one is for those of us running multi-site WordPress installs. In my case, a co-worker was following each and every RSS feed for each of the participating libraries hosted by Nebraska Libraries on the Web. Trouble is, that’s 50+ feeds and she had to subscribe to a new one every time a new site went live. So, she was looking for a single feed that she could subscribe to which included every post from every site on the system. I looked and found Inpsyde Multisite Feed. Once installed, it adds a “Multisite Feed” item under the Network-level settings. There you can give your new feed a title, description, custom URL, along with some options regarding entries, caching, and the ability to exclude certain sites. Now she has one URL which will send her every post from every blog in the system. (Sorry for the blurring, but I don’t really want to advertise the feed for the general public.)

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