Of Time Zones and Appointments

Well, this is a problem I’ve finally solved and it has nothing to do with Vista. It seems that when you change Windows’ time zone setting (as I’ve moved from Mountain to Central) Outlook reacts by adjusting the times of everything in your calendar. So, an appointment for April that I said was from 10-11am that I set while in MST was moved to 11am-12pm CST since that would technically be correct. Trouble is, the meeting still being held at 10am local time. (This gets worse when an “all day” appointment gets changed to 1am on one day to 1am the next day.) Well, a quick search and I found not only an answer but also an explanation of the issue. Check out Outlook, Appointments and Time Zones if you’re interested.

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  1. This is cool! I wish I had known about it or thought to look for something like this when I moved from Colorado (Mountain time) to California (Pacific time). Then I wouldn’t have had to go in and make so many changes.

    As usual, you rock.

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