Designed by librarians or sane people?

“So how are you going to find her? This clue-giver of yours.”
“I don’t know. I could just keep jumping into different pools.”
“A librarian would suggest you understood the system first. Otherwise, it’s like pulling random books off the shelves and hoping you just happen to pick the right one.
“We don’t have shelves.”
Evar saw that Livira was now lying flat on her back, staring at the sky. He did it too. The sky wasn’t the simple blue he’d first thought. It had a to it, and the faintest shades, and hints of motion. It bore some study. “So, what’s the system here?”
“That depends if it aswas designed by librarians,” Livira said. “Or by sane people.”

The Book That Would’t Burn by Mark Lawrence, p274-5

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