Friday Reads: The Book of the Kranzedan by Michael Hutter

In the 33 short stories collected in this richly illustrated book by the German artist Michael Hutter, the Kranzedan encounters churlish dustbin men, unkempt fairground women, a bearded man of unfathomable malice and many other dubious characters.

He loses himself by the sight of the beautiful tanks in an eerie aquarium store and on the search for the Museum of Extra-terrestrial Cultures, may unveil the eldritch secrets of a chubby neighbor woman and plays a suspicious role in a wedding tragedy. These and many other weird incidents are told and none of the tales has a happy ending.

Nightmares meet dark fairy tales meet cosmic horror, in these 33 grotesques, all expressing the authors conviction that there is something fundamentally wrong with our world.

The specifications for this book is: one book, printed in four colors throughout, bound in European cloth, ribbon marker, and a handsome dustjacket. This is an unusual book of artwork and small stories that conjures the spirit of Clark Ashton Smith and Max Ernst.

Source: Centipede Press

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