How to Create A Culture of Mindfulness by Gustavo Razzetti

Mindfulness is quickly becoming a buzzword in the business world.

With the increased focus to develop more powerful cultures, mindfulness is positioned as the perfect solution. However, the lack of a clear understanding of what mindful really is creates confusion.

Does mindful help or hurt team performance? Should every company embrace mindfulness? Or is it just a hype?

Ironically enough, the approach to mindfulness seems anything but mindful.

The Case for Mindfulness at Work

The desire to debunk the hype is creating some superficial attacks. Like this New York Times article “Don’t Meditate at Work” that created a lot of stir among longtime mindfulness practitioners. The research cited in the piece missed the point — mindfulness is not something gained after a one-off meditation; it requires practice.

On the other hand, mindfulness isn’t the solution to everything either. However, the business world’s love for buzzwords is presenting mindfulness as a silver bullet to create better cultures.

Mindfulness is neither good nor bad — the way you implement it can be beneficial or not to your organization.

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Photo by Martin Dawson on Unsplash

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