Why Your Employees Need Sick Days — and Unsick Days by Suzanne Lucas

We always want employees to take a sick day when they have the flu or come down with a stomach bug. It allows them to recover and keeps everyone else from getting sick. But what about using an “unsick day” to help prevent these illnesses in the first place?

The concept is gaining traction, and for good reason. Staying healthy is about more than just bouncing back from illnesses quickly, and employees need the freedom to take time off for preventive checkups, vaccinations or therapist visits. Unsick days allow them to keep up their health without eating into their time off — meaning they’ll still have PTO open to de-stress on vacation or a sick day to go to the doctor when they catch the cold that’s been going around.

How Unsick Days Benefit Your Business and Your Employees

Having unsick days means that employees don’t need to worry about making trade-offs — deciding between getting a colonoscopy, for example, and spending a long weekend camping. Bringing factors unrelated to health into health decisions only raises the chances of a wrong choice, and unsick days help remove that barrier.

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