Libraries have a People Problem

No, I’m not talking about community members.

Libraries often attract people who want to work in that setting (and perhaps that specific library), and who then stay in their positions for a long time.  We frequently hear of library staff, who have been at the same library for decades.  Some may have been in the same position for decades.  The good news is that this creates a stable work environment and a stable staff may be just what the library needs in order to meet its goals.

Staff that is in place for a long time has the opportunity to really get to know the community.  They know the community’s power structure, etc., and can get things done in a way that a newcomer might not.

Yes, a stable staff is a good.

But a stable staff does not necessarily allow people to develop the skills they might need to move into a position which has more responsibilities.  For example, when the director retires, does the assistant director – or perhaps a branch manager – have the correct skills and experience to move into the director position?

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