Make public libraries custodians of smart city data

The Toronto Regional Board of Trade has a novel proposal to break the logjam of data policy concerns that threaten to stifle smart-city projects: let the public libraries figure it out.

In a report published Wednesday, the Board suggested that the Toronto Public Library be tasked with managing the proposed civic data trust that would handle information culled from Sidewalk Toronto smart-city project planned for the city’s waterfront.

Board of Trade vice-president Brian Kelcey said that while the group likes the library proposal, they are not married to it — mostly, the Board was just trying to offer some creative ideas to help advance the Sidewalk Toronto policy debate.

“We think the library is a great idea. We’re open to others. The important thing is, the debate had become deadlocked, because everybody acknowledged that the next step needed to be that we need better policies to deal with these legitimate (data) questions” Kelcey said. “Nobody was coming forward to say who should actually be the arbiter or lead on deciding what those policies should be. So we made a pick.”

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