Just Say: No Why can’t the company I’ve interviewed with send me a simple rejection letter?

If you talk to employers about this, you’ll often hear that it takes too much time to notify rejected candidates (which is nonsense—increasingly ubiquitous electronic applicant tracking systems can take care of this in seconds). Or you’ll hear that employers intend to get back to candidates, but other priorities interfere.

Job rejection may be one of those things, however, where hirers are damned if they don’t, but they’re also sometimes damned if they do. When employers do take the time to send out rejection notices, candidates often pick those notes apart. They may complain they’re too impersonal, or they try to read between the lines for hidden messages about their candidacy.

I personally make every attempt to let anyone who applied for a position to let them know that the position has been filled/closed. I don’t provide feedback for many of the reasons the article addresses.

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