9 Management Myths, Debunked!

As an instructor, you want your students to gain the skills needed to think and act like successful managers. Unfortunately, it’s easy for new managers to fall for the many myths about what good managers do.

Check out these nine management myths, plus discover ways to help your students navigate the management world.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #1: There’s only one right way to lead or manage.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #2: Leadership is more important than management.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #3: It’s easier for a manager to do the work than employees.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #4: Managers know everything.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #5: The most important relationship a manager can build is with each individual employee.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #6: A manager’s actions always speak louder than words.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #7: Social media sites like LinkedIn threaten retention.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #8: You can measure everything that matters.

MANAGEMENT MYTH #9: Employees aren’t productive when they work from home.

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