The most searched for out of print books

my-pretty-pony-stephen-kingPreviously I was unaware of that fact that for the past 11 years the site, an online book-search service, has been publishing a report of the most searched-for out of print books. The 2013 report is out and the top five books are:

  1. Sex by Madonna
  2. Rage by Richard Bachman/Stephen King
  3. My Pretty Pony by Stephen King
  4. The Harvard Classics edited by Charles W. Eliot
  5. On the Nature and Existence of God by Richard M. Gale

I own two of these myself but I’ll leave it to you to guess which ones.

What I also wonder is what would a similar list look like if we got the data from library users instead of people looking to buy the book they’re searching for. I’m guessing that’s something OCLC could produce should they feel like it.

Read the full 2013 report @

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