Copyright Hell

Disney - Haunted Mansion DemonOver at Pegasus Librarian Iris shares a recent situation in which her university is trying to track down permission to reprint something that probably doesn’t need permission in the first place. Welcome to the eighth level of Hell…

But then I found both of their obituaries. So now I have to figure out if the copyright might have fallen to us. WHAT A PAIN. So after a couple of phone calls, it seemed like the next step was our college archives. We need to know if there’s any contract that would tell us that we’re the copyright holders. And just to make this more interesting, the book turns out to have been jointly published by Carleton and by the University of Minnesota Press, and have been published using grant funding provided by then-president Larry Gould (for whom our library is named, by the way).

Read the full article @ Pegasus Librarian.

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