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a4le logoAre you an author? Do you want all eBooks to be available to all libraries?

Our nation’s readers and libraries need your help.

Did you know that many ebooks are not available to most libraries at any price? Of those we can buy, libraries frequently pay 150 to 500% more than the consumer price, forcing us to purchase fewer copies for library readers to discover. As more books appear only in electronic form, the situation will become intolerable for our nation’s readers.

Authors benefit when libraries have the ability to buy and lend ebooks. Libraries help authors through:

  • Exposure. Libraries help people find you. Readers discover new authors, topics, and genres in our libraries. Libraries help authors get noticed: we host you at author events; we feature your books at book clubs; and we spotlight your titles on our websites.
  • Sales. Research shows that our loans encourage people to buy your books. Additionally, many libraries now provide an option for people to click and “buy-it-now” from our websites.
  • Respect. Libraries honor your work. We protect copyright, and we pay for what we use. We want you to keep writing, and make a living at it.
  • Love of reading. Libraries help grow readers – and writers.  Library lending promotes literacy, exploration, creativity, and innovation.

The Authors for Library Ebooks campaign seeks to add author voices to those of librarians and readers in support of equitable access to digital content through libraries. There are many ways you can support this effort:

  • Sign on to the Authors Stand with Libraries statement.
  • Help us raise awareness of this issue with publishers, other authors and the general public.
  • Learn more about what’s at stake.

Literature and knowledge—in all their forms—are essential. We must protect access to them for all people through libraries. Stand with libraries as we seek sustainable solutions for our nation’s readers, thinkers, writers and dreamers.

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