Apple’s prudish ways

Chester 5000 coverIn our eReader workshop yesterday several students early on in the day got the impression that I was an Apple fanboy. When I quickly disabused them of that idea, they asked why I wasn’t. One of the main reasons I gave was the company’s prudish nature to what can go on their devices. My co-presenter later told me that she was unaware of that issue. Well, case in point from recent news:

Apple Deems 55 Digital Comics Too Hot for In-App Buying

On Tuesday, comiXology announced, via its blog, that several comics had been removed from the apps “In order to comply with the Apple App Store guidelines regarding adult or inappropriate content, some new releases were rejected for our iOS app this week. In addition, certain previously released titles that fall outside of these guidelines were also rejected and will be removed from sale.”

Read the full article @ goodereads.

P.S. If you’re interested Chester 5000 is also available for free online reading via the author’s blog. (NSFW)

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