UNK’s bad storm damage brings out good in people

The phone call came at 3:30 a.m. with the shocking news:

The storm blew the roof off the library.

My library?

That was Janet Stoeger Wilke’s first thought. She is the dean of the library at UNK. She phoned Dee Urwiller, who coordinates the emergency plans for the library, and both rushed there to help save its books.

Water damages books.

And books are the lifeblood of the library.

The April storm with its 78-mph winds blew much of the roof off of UNK’s Calvin T. Ryan Library.

Rain flowed into the library along the seam that joins the 1963 half of the building with the 1983 addition. The seam is above the center of the main book collection on the second floor.

The water damaged at least 6,259 books.

Read the full article @ CampaignForNebraska.org.

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