Find one of the country’s best hot dogs in Greece, NY

Schallers Hot DogWell, at least according to USA Today. Bu then again I’m a bit biased. I grew up going to Schaller’s out by Lake Ontario and always loved their food. And there’s nothing like a “white hot”!

Schaller’s Drive-In, Rochester, N.Y.: Meat Sauce, Mustard, Onions; Schaller’s specialty is the upstate hot-dog variety known as White Hots: fat natural-casing dogs made from pork, beef, and veal, made by Zweigle’s. Top it with some of their meat-based “hot sauce,” mustard, and onions, grab a handful of pickles, and you’re in summer-vacation heaven.  Foursquare/ Chris C
Read the full article @ (Schaller’s is #4)

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