Found this site yesterday and it looks like a great resource for anyone who wishes to fight YouTube whenever they trample on your fair use rights.

FairUseTube logoWelcome to Fair Use Tube.org! This is a site for user-generated video creators to learn how to protect their “fair use” rights under U.S. copyright law on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This site is a compilation of resources and tools relating to copyright law and user-generated video, and is designed to provide amateur video creators with the resources they need to stand up for free speech and successfully challenge abusive takedown notices and Content ID matches, which frequently target non-infringing content.

If you are a creator whose video has been blocked, please check out my Guide to YouTube Removals as well as the Fair Use Resources section. Additionally, if you are a video creator wanting to use DVD footage from a movie or TV show for a remix video, check out the Guide to Ripping DVDs, which describes how to rip DVD footage to a format which you can import into video editing software.

If you need additional guidance or specific legal advice regarding your situation, you may contact me using the information provided on the About This Site page. Consultation fees may apply.

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