Why Do We Keep Making Ebooks Like Paper Books?

The future of booksI’ve been saying things like this for a while. Basically, if eBooks are so much better than print books, why are we trying so hard to recreate the print book experience. Gizmodo took this on today:

Comparing books to ebooks is like comparing mechanical watches to digital watches, or manual cars to automatic cars. No one doubts the convenience, reach, and flexibility of the ebook format, but it will never convincingly replicate the experience of a paper book—nor does it need to. Ebooks are a fundamentally new medium, stuck in an awkward growing stage.

Ebooks will never replace paper books. But they don’t have to.

There is no reason I need to turn fake pages. If I’m using a computer to read, I should be able to leverage the connectivity and processing power of that computer to augment my reading experience: ebooks should allow me to read on an infinite sheet, or I should be able to double blink to scroll.

Read the full article on Gizmodo.

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