What WordPress Theme is That?

What WordPress Theme is ThatFellow WordPress users come forth and pay attention for I have just been pointed to the single most useful WP-related Web site I have ever laid eyes upon. (Yeah, I think it’s that cool!) Head on over to http://whatwpthemeisthat.com/ and enter the URL for the WordPress site of your choosing. What you’ll get back is not just the name of the theme that site is using, but the version number, official description, sample screenshot, a link to the author’s home page, and the license. Oh, and did I mention it will also report what plugins the site is currently using? Seriously, this is amazing. No more hunting through the code to try to find it all on your own.

Thanks to pollyalida for the pointer! Oh, and that link just there, that take you to her WordPress Tips and Tricks Scoop.it page which you should subscribe to immediately.

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