Apologies for the double tweets

Rainbow 22 June 2007 (38)It was finally mentioned to me that for the past week or so I’d been double-tweeting a lot of things. Well, it took a while to figure it out but I believe I’ve put that to a stop.

Under the previous version of my blog I’d set up various third-party utilities such as Networked Blogs (to cross-post from here to Facebook) and TwitterFeed (to cross-post from here to Twitter). When I updated the site, I switched to using WordPress Jetpack to do the cross posting. It is way more speedy, (darn near instant actually,) and it keeps everything “in-house” so to speak. Trouble is, there’s no way to use JetPack to post to Google+. So, when I publish a new post, I’ve been opening the post and using the built-in share button to send a copy to G+. All was good in blogville.

Trouble is, I’d forgotten that I’d set up a third-party service to automatically tweet anything I posted to G+. As a result, my blog posts would automatically get tweeted and then 10-15 minutes later the G+ version would also get tweeted. Trouble is, I’d completely forgotten which service I’d used to set up the G+ to Twitter link. ARGH! I thought it might be IFTTT, but despite the appearance of an appropriate recipe, it was already turned off. So, I just started Google-ing google plus to twitter. I finally found ManageFilter and it was the culprit, and turned it off.

I’ve got to take better notes…

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