Testing out YouTube’s video stabilization feature

MtbYesterday was the first day I rode my bike to work this year and I wanted to play a bit so I strapped my FlipCam to the handlebars and headed out, recording the journey. (I also recorded the ride home.) I uploaded the video to YouTube and was told by the system that my video seemed to contain a lot of shaky footage and would I like it to be automatically stabilized. I clicked yes and a few hours later I got the result. At first I thought the video looked a bit “off” but it was more stable. So, I also uploaded the original un-stabilized footage and found YouTube Doubler which allows you to play two videos simultaneously side-by-side. So, if you’re interested in checking out the side-by-side comparison just jump over to http://youtubedoubler.com/3zIc. (From there you can also access the individual versions if you’re just that interested in watching my commute.)

Also, I do ride through a tunnel under some train tracks about about the 9:15 mark which tends to creep me out a bit so that part might be fun to watch.

(Image in this post is not an actual representation of the route between my home and office.)

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  1. Damn – that’s some decent autostabilization. Nicely done. Haven’t watched through the whole thing yet, but watching the first few minutes while the Lord of the Rings soundtrack was playing on my computer was…entertaining. ;^)

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