CPD23 Thing #11: Mentors and Mentoring

Un cop de màI’ve had only two people in my life I would consider a mentor and I’m not sure either of them knew it. Both were bosses and in both cases I honestly felt that they had my interests at heart as much as the organization we worked for. In each case they both said something along the lines of the following to me: “This place isn’t right/good for you any more. You need to move on.” In neither case was this a poor reflection on my relationship to the organization but the organization’s relationship to me. I was doing my job well, but I wasn’t being treated well. I can’t thank either of those people enough as I can report that I’m much better off because of them.

As for mentoring I can’t say that I directly mentor anyone but I try to assist others in getting opportunities whenever I can. I have a reputation as an author and speaker and when given the chance I try to bring in others as co-authors and co-presenters to give them the benefit of, if not my abilities, at least my connections. And, in most cases, anyone I’ve done this for have gone on to be authors and speakers in their own right. So, maybe I’m not a mentor but I feel like I’m doing my part to help.

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  1. Good bosses set examples and should think of themselves as mentors, even if it’s not a formal mentor/mentee relationship!

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