Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Who’s Out There? User Personas and Libraries

Join us for the next NCompass Live: "Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Who’s Out There? User Personas and Libraries", on Wednesday, April 20, 10:00am – 11:00am CT.

Description: In this month’s episode, Michael Sauers will talk with Jennifer Koerber, Web Services Librarian at Boston Public Library, about User Personas and Libraries. Any marketer or web designer will tell you that creating user personas is a great way to target your services, but just how do you do that? What are the steps involved, and how can we narrow the wide variety of people we serve down to a few "types"? By brainstorming, collecting data and talking to your users, you can make tools to help you develop new programs, focus a marketing campaign, or redesign your website. In this brief overview, Koerber will introduce the basics of persona-making and give you resources to go through the process yourself.


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