Mea Culpa

063/365 All dressed up and no place to goI’ve been doing public speaking (involving lots of travel) since 1995. Previous to yesterday I’d been late to a gig exactly once. (I went to the wrong branch of a library.) In those 16 years I’d never missed a gig through any fault of airlines or my stupidity. Until yesterday. It seems that the talk I was to give this afternoon in LaVista, NE to the Nebraska Association for the Gifted was actually yesterday afternoon. I feel so stupid. Luckily, the group was understanding and glad that I hadn’t been hit by a truck or something like that. Me, I’d kind of wish I’d had been since that at least would have been a good excuse. Let the self flagellation begin.

For those that patiently waited for me there are things in the works for me to give a free online presentation in exchange. In the mean time, you can view the resources I was going to talk about on this Google Bookmarks page.

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