Thing #45: Account Settings

This month’s thing was to go back and take a look at settings in all these accounts we’ve been creating. Well, maybe not all of them, but pick a couple and take a look. Maybe there were new settings available to us that weren’t there before. Maybe we’ve had a change of heart about how much we want to share. This was a good reminder that we should take a look every once in a while.

My problem is that I sign up for everything. It’s part of my job. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. For the sites that I use regularly I keep pretty well on top of the available settings. The one experience for this month though was looking at my Blogger account.

Since I’ve pretty much moved everything to my own WordPress installations, my Blogger account has pretty much fallen by the wayside. But I do still use it for a few things like posting to Nebraska Learns 2.0. So, I logged in and settings weren’t much the issue for me, but the number of defunct blogs I had in my account. I cleared those out as they just no longer served any purpose. (For those of you wondering about the archival worth of these blogs, they were mostly used for testing purposed and we’re never released for public viewing anyway.)

In other cases I removed my self as an admin and/or participant on multi-user blogs that I no longer post to nor do they need my assistance. (For example, I set one up for a friend four years ago. They’ve not asked for my help for over two years, so I figured there was no use having admin access on their blog any more.)

So, overall, I didn’t need to play with to many actual settings, but I did do some house cleaning which is generally a good idea.

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