Obfuscate & Connect via QR Codes

I’ve recently come across two new QR Code-based services that I found interesting:

BabbleThe first is babble.ly. This service works to hide your phone number while still allowing people to call you. To use it, you give babble.ly your phone number and you get back a QR Code. People who wish to call you then scan the QR Code which dials a number @ babbly.ly which automatically forwards the call to your number. Now people can contact you via phone without the need to publish your phone number online. Granted, this will only work for people with smartphones that can scan QR Codes.

913-itsmyurlsThe other service is itsmyurls. On its face, itsmyurls is a landing page similar to other services like about.me that acts as a home page linking to all of your other locations on the Web. What this service claims as it’s unique feature is that it will automatically generate a QR Code that links to your itsmyurls page and keeps stats on how many scans your QR Code has received. I suppose this would work well for anyone who doesn’t already know how to create a QR Code for themselves since, practically, I could just create a QR Code that points to my about.me page and send people there instead. However, the about.me stats are for anyone who ended up there and not just those who scanned my code, so I guess if you really care how many people looked you up via QR Code, this might be the service for you.

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  1. Itsmyurls profiles are optimized for iPhone/blackberry/android as well, the profiles look much cleaner and make it easy to pull up my Barcode as well, unlike my about.me profile.

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