30 Posts in 30 Days #27: A Day in the Life

Here’s my post for the Library Day in the Life project.

6:30am Alarm goes off and 6-7 minutes I’m in the shower

6:50am Phone, iPod and lunch packed, I’m in the car and off to work.

7:00am Parked on the street six blocks from the office where the free on-street parking starts. Nice walk to the office. (Which totally sucks in the winter.)

7:15am In the office and turning on at least two of the three computers on my desk. Unpacking various objects from my bag. Logging into e-mail, Google Reader and HootSuite.

7:30am Diving into the e-mail, tweets, and feeds. This can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on what else I need to accomplish in a particular day.

8:00am Checking for any last minute registrations for today’s NCompass Live webinar that I’m hosting. Doesn’t look like anyone registerd after 10:30 last night when a co-worker stopped checking. Also need to go through some last-minute e-mails regarding the afternoon webinar I’ll be hosting for one of our regional library systems. Continue working through blog feeds and bookmarking more items for the morning webinar.

9:00am Starbucks run with co-worker.

9:30am Login to GoToWebinar account and make sure everything’s working. Greet people as they arrive in the session.

10:00am-11:00am Run Webinar which includes a presentation from and interview with Bobbi Newman regarding Transliteracy and The Librarian Day in the Life project.

11:00am Webinar over, check Twitter for #ncomplive hashtag for feedback, bookmark more sites mentioned in the session, start the conversion process of the Webinar recording, catch up with e-mail that came in during the Webinar.

11:30am Lunch in the break room

12:00pm Back to desk, for another e-mail and feed check. Mostly to see if there are any last minute issues regarding the afternoon webinar.

12:15pm Head down to meeting room to login to GoToWebinar again to get the news session started.

12:30pm While waiting for attendees to log in, write this blog post up to this point.

1:00pm Regional System’s Webinar starts. (I’m really just attending this one to run the software (since it’s the commmission’s account) and to deal with any technical issues that may arise.

3:30pm Passed of hosting of the Webinar to a co-worker. Back to desk, e-mail & feeds check. Finished writing this post.

4:00pm Walk back to the car (which also sucks in the heat of the afternoon) and head for home.

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  1. I just read your chapter in “A Day in the Life” and then decided to visit your blog. I’m glad to find you still active and that you even have a Doctor quote on the top (I just watched that episode)!

    So this is a hello and now I’m going to follow your Twitter account!

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