30 Posts in 30 Days: You with the large attachment! Put it down slowly and step away!

Ok, new rule: If the file you’re thinking of sending me is larger than 100k, do not put it in an e-mail attachment. Seriously! There are just better options that won’t cram my inbox and slow my Internet connection down to a crawl while it downloads via SMTP.

DropboxLogoHere’s what you do instead. Go to Dropbox and sign up for an account. Once you’ve got an account you’ve got a few options. The best one is to install Dropbox onto your computer. This will give you a Dropbox folder into which you can put anything. You’ll find a “Public” sub-folder into which you can put files you want to share. Once your file is there, right-click on it, select the Dropbox item and choose “Copy Public Link”. Paste that link into the e-mail you’re sending me. I’ll be able to download the file at my own convenience and much quicker from your Dropbox account.

Thank you.

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