Bye bye Blogger. It was fun while it lasted.

image I’ve been using Blogger since before Google owned it. This blog has been published using Blogger since day one. Yesterday I found out the the geniuses at Google have decided to abandon the .5% of their user base that knows what they’re doing and using FTP to publish to their own domain. Guess what? This blog is part of that .5%.

So, with the help of Blake and Karen, this blog should be moving to WordPress in the next few weeks. How will you know when it happens, well, I’m sure I’ll announce it for those of you reading the feed, and the few of you that actually visit this site will see a completely new template. (Just using a new WP template is much easier on the conversion than to try and convert the Blogger template.) So, if you’ve got any template suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.

(If you’re interested in the gory details as to why, start with this article from Quick Online Tips and follow the links for even more details.)

Oh, and this completely fracks up the Blogger chapter of the 2nd edition of my Blogging & RSS book which is currently with my editor. This should be fun to fix this late in the process.

3 Replies to “Bye bye Blogger. It was fun while it lasted.”

  1. I'm in the exact same boat. I'll be bugging Blake too for help with this. I imagine you'll get to this chore first, so feel free to share any lessons you learn from this process.

  2. I have a domain for my blog and plan to transition to WordPress as soon as I've developed a theme for myself

  3. I had missed this news, so thanks for posting it. This sucks! I really have grown accustomed to Blogger and like it better than Typepad and WordPress. (I know…I must be mad.) This gives me something new to discuss with the person who is redesigning my web sites.

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