My name is Michael Sauers and I’m a Shover and Maker

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If you’re reading this blog and you don’t know who I am by now, I have just one question for you: why are you reading this blog?

I’m back from CIL2009 and I’m declaring myself a Shover & Maker!

Ok, for the record, I’m the Technology Innovation Librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission. Yes, I’m one of those “state workers” (say it like it’s gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe if you want to say it right.) Great title right? But what does it mean? Well to me it means that I get to play and investigate then pass on what I’ve learned to other librarians.

Does this get me in trouble sometimes? Of course it does but if I’m not frustrating someone, I’m not doing my job right. Change breeds frustration. Some cope well, others… not so much.

As for a project I’m proud of that would be the WiFI Connectivity Grants I ran last year. IN the end more than 50 libraries now offer free public WiFi that didn’t before. I’ve been training for almost 15 years now but I’d finally run a project from beginning to end that has a direct effect on libraries and their patrons. This year is getting Nebraska Libraries on Plinkit. (What have I gotten myself into?)

I make. I shove. Sometimes in that order. Sometimes not.

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