Help me solve a networking problem

The CAT-6 wiring has been installed and streaming HDTV from the office computer to the HDTV & stereo is pretty much complete. But there’s a problem. Before I explain it, here’s a diagram of the setup. (via gliffy)

Now for the problem: The switch in the living room. The switch is there to connect the TV computer and the game consoles. If the Switch is connected the DSL modem constantly connects to the Net, works for a minute or two, then resets, killing the Net connection for the house. When I remove the switch and connect the TV computer directly, everything works fine and the DSL modem stops resetting itself.

The switch is a DLink DGS-2205 which has a “feature” which turns off the ports when they’re not being used but that should effect the DSL modem shouldn’t it? I’ve ordered a new Netgear switch without the green feature. just in case that’s the problem.

So any ideas? Need any further details? Just post a comment.

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  1. Check your wireless router’s settings. It may not be taking the switch correctly as an uplink into it. That would be the only fix I can see.

  2. Will see if I can figure out how to do that on my router but how would that be resetting the DSL modem? Wouldn’t that just make anything hooked into the switch just not have a connection?

  3. Have you tried disconnecting all the devices from the switch? If that eliminates the problem, hook each one up one by one and see which device causes the issue to return.

    If multiple devices cause the problem, when hooked up individually, it probably is the switch and it’s “green” feature.

  4. Thanks to those who’ve helped. Turns out I think it’s my ISP not the switch. (I’ve recently had the exact same problem with the DSL modem resetting when plugged directly into my main desktop.) A Tech is checking the wire outside my house this afternoon. I’ll post an update on the blog when I know more.

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