ICIW2008: Closing thoughts

Well, the conference is over. Here’s the thoughts I’ve been left with.

When military folks talk about "open source" they’re not talking about "OpenSource" as we know it i.e. OpenSource software. What they mean is non-military sources i.e. the mainstream media. Once I came to this realization several things I’d head in the past two days had completely different meanings.

This was my first "academic conference" and it’s not what I’m used to. What I’m used to us presentations about software, and events, and "here’s what we did". At this conference it was 20 minute presentations of the research presented as papers in the conference proceedings. I understand that this is the standard for academic conferences but I’m just not used to it. That doesn’t mean didn’t enjoy the conference but it was a tad frustrating hearing "and you can read more about it in my paper" in most of the sessions.

Overall I enjoyed my time over the past two days. I thought I was going to be in over my head but surprisingly I wasn’t. (Except for that last session.) It’s always interesting to step out of your comfort zone and learn some new thing and new perspective.

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