ICIW2008: Organizing the US Government for the Contemporary Environment

Colonel Steven Mains, US Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, KS
Director, Center for Army Lessons Learned

  • Thesis
    • us govt is ceding to the info war to our enemies
    • more money is required
    • govt must be reorganized to retake the initiative
  • 2 examples of what could have been
    • prior to OIF, France & Muslin world opposed invasion but were open to influence
    • IEDs became weapon of choice but have severe vulnerabilities
  • the problem
    • coordinated campaign required
    • info ops not integrated into planning and decision making
    • govt to people comms almost nonexistent
    • US Govt built in stovepipes
    • complete reorganization of the govt not a feasible option
  • End
    • advance US ideals and policies by ensuing that everyone has access to factual, unbiased, unfiltered info about intentions, actions & character of US, allies & adversaries
  • Ways
    • gauge world views by region, ethnicity, religion
      • identify market segments
      • identify acceptance and effects of policies
    • deliver truthful, tailored content that relies on our values to our policies
    • continuous reassessment
  • Means
    • Dep advisor to prez for national security (strategic communications)
    • increased national security council
    • strategic comms task force
    • dept of state reorg
    • DNI: covert communications
    • DHS: Infrastructure assurance
    • USAID: substantially increased Public Diplomacy capability
    • DOD: integrated into PD efforts, CNO

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