Information Warfare and Security Conference

Today I’m attending day one of a two-day conference titled he 3rd International Conference on I-Warfare and Security on the University of Nebraska, Omaha campus. I’m very interested yet I’m sure I’m in over my head. There are folks from all over the worls here including major universities and a lot of Air Force personnel. Here’s the sessions I plan on attending today:

  • Outsourcing and the Insider Threat: An Increasing Security Risk
  • Interactive Visualization of Fused Intrusion Detection Data
  • Using Markov Models to Crack Passwords
  • The Impacts of Vista and Federal Destop Core Configuration on Incident Response
  • Understanding IRC Bot Behaviors in a Network-centric Attack Detection and Prevention
  • Implementation of a Multilevel Wiki fro Cross-Domain Collaboraton
  • Religion, Ideology and Information Warfare

I’ll do my best to blog throughout the day but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to easily and clearly explain on the fly.

However, here’s the ironic thing: I got in for free. This was through someone at the Univeristy Library. However, it seems I didn’t make it on to the ist of registered conference attendees. No problem, they took my name, said come back later as they’ll make me a badge, handed me a conference packet, and told me to enjoy the conference. By thew way, did I mention this was a “security” conference?

On another note, the WiFi here is working great and I’m doing all this on the Cloudbook.

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