Open Office 2007 Documents in OpenOffice

I don’t use OpenOffice much but it comes installed on the Cloudbook so I think I’m going to start. (Though I also plan on using Google Docs a lot more too.) Anyway, since most of my current files are in Office 2007 format I was concerned about moving between the two programs. Well, a solution is now available: the Open XML Translator.

Expand’s document opening, saving, and conversion powers to Office 2007 documents with the Open XML Translator, a free plug-in intended for Ubuntu systems.

lifehacker also says that "conversion from Microsoft Office-authored files remains hit-and-miss, but it’s a nice step forward for the free and open-source office suite." I’ll have to give it a test when I get my Cloudbook.

(Oh, and I’m officially declaring this my blog post for Thing #7: Blog about anything dealing with technology.)

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