Blogger weirdness

Why is Blogger doing this?I’ve noticed lately that when I publish a new post sometimes the publishing happens quickly, sometimes very slowly. The difference seemed to be in whether I included labels (categories) with the post. (For example, when creating a post with BlogThis! you can’t add labels so posts are published quickly. When posting via Blogger, I add labels and things publish slowly.) Well, the image at the right (shrunk since it’s huge,) “explains” the problem. Whenever you publish a new post with a label, whether one label or a dozen, Blogger republishes every page for every label you’ve ever used. So, in this example, I wrote a new post with one label, “blogosphere”, yet several hundred files were created, and SFTP’d to my server. All that should have been published are the four files: the post’s page, the main page, the archive page, and the page for the one label I used.

I’ll be submitting this to Blogger and will follow up here with any response I receive.

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