Open access

Right now I’m sitting on a large, decorative rock just outside the front door of the central branch of the Jackson County Library System in Medford, OR. Check out their hours then look at the date and time on this post. This place has been closed for hours and I’m sitting out on the sidewalk using their open linksys Wi-Fi connection. Not only am I writing this post I’m listening to KUVO in Denver via iTunes while writing this…

So, what’s the big deal? Well, after Akma’s recent experience being harassed by the local cops in Nantucket for doing exactly what I’m doing at this moment I’m trying to make a point; tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be teaching my policy workshop at Rogue Community College next door. One of the issues I’ll be discussing is exactly this one. This should be fun especially since a few librarians from the Medford branch will be in attendance.

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