Secret Amazon customer service phone number revealed . . .

As a recent exchange between novelist Amy Gutman and the customer service department at shows, there are few more frustrating experiences than trying to have a straightforward exchange with someone at Amazon. As Timothy Noah points out in his Chatterbox column for Slate, it gets even more frustrating if you try to conduct the exchange via telephone, because you won’t be able to find the telephone number for Amazon. “That isn’t because Amazon lacks a customer service number,” says Noah. “Rather, it’s because Amazon doesn’t want you to find it.” As he notes, “the only Amazon page that gives out its customer service number is the one you’re sent to after you’ve bought something. So if you’re having trouble with an order or purchase and need to speak to an Amazon customer service rep about it, the only way you can do so is by placing a second Amazon order. Neat, huh?” However, Noah offers another way: “You can come here! Chatterbox is pleased to announce that the customer service line for is: 1-800-201-7575.” Says Noah, “Tell ’em Chatterbox sent ya!”
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