Franken vs. fox

I realize this news is a little old but I found a transcript of the arguments today and this bit just totally knocked me over I was laughing so hard. Ms. Hanswirth represents FOX.

THE COURT: All right. The consumer who would buy the book is a relatively sophisticated consumer, correct? I mean someone interested in political satire and commentary.

MS. HANSWIRTH: I don’t agree with that, your Honor. Generally, cases hold that purchasers of books are generally not, neither sophisticated nor unsophisticated.

THE COURT: Don’t you have to look at the type of book in question? We’re not talking about mystery novel or a romance novel. We’re talking about social and political commentary and satire.

MS. HANSWIRTH: If you’re talking about whether somebody will make an informed decision as to whether to purchase a book, that doesn’t necessarily mean the consumer is particularly sophisticated.

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