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Wikipedia pops up in bibliographies, and even college curricula

All through high school, Ani Schug was told to steer clear of Wikipedia. Her teachers

Cetacean needed

via Boing Boing.

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Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Working with Wikipedia

Next to Google, Wikipedia is the major source of information used by people today. But libraries also own much content that isn’t available on Wikipedia, so how should we make sure users don’t stop there? In this session, Aaron Tay, Senior Librarian & eServices Facilitator at National University of Singapore, will cover ideas on how […]

Toronto students question whether Wikipedia really is open to everyone

A recent dust-up between Wikipedia and Canada’s largest university raises questions about how collaborative the

RE: Against the Machine by Lee Siegel

Back in June 2007 I wrote a response/review of Andrew Keen’s The Cult of the

Thing #16: Wikis wikis everywhere

I’m a fan of wikis but when used appropriately. In other words, no matter how

Creative Wikipedia solution to images of Muhammad controversy

Just edit some Wikipedia-specific CSS: How can I hide the images using my personal Wikipedia settings?

Wikipedia’s 2,000,000th English article

El Hormiguero (Spanish for “The Anthill”) is a television program with a live audience focusing

CIL2007: Catalogs/OPACs for the Future

Roy Tennant, California Digital Library & Tim Spalding, LibraryThingTim: The Fun Opac OPACs should have

CIL2007: Learning with Blogs and Wikis

Meredith Farkas & Michelle Boule (http://michellemeredith.pbwiki.com/Learning%20with%20Blogs%20and%20Wikis) What is a blog frequently updated page with posts