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University of Alberta libraries reject (some) non-disclosure clauses in contracts

To promote openness and fairness among libraries that license scholarly resources, the University of Alberta

I’m glad you found my book useful, but…

Dear Lithuanian scholar who decided that one of my books was a worthy source for

What the University of Arkansas controversy can teach us about archival permission practices

Peter Hirtle’s article regarding an archive having a “permission to publish” policy makes many great

Friday Video: Digital Natives

HOST: Alexander Heffner GUEST: John Palfrey AIR DATE: 06/21/14 I’m Alexander Heffner, your new host on The Open Mind. For more than a half-century, my grandfather explored the universe of ideas from this chair, and I was fortunate to benefit from his tutelage. In taking his seat as he hoped I would, I’ll carry on Open Mind’s mission as […]

Wikipedia pops up in bibliographies, and even college curricula

All through high school, Ani Schug was told to steer clear of Wikipedia. Her teachers

Albany Alumni Association: Ok, maybe we’ve not changed the definition of “permanent”

Just received the following e-mail: I am happy to report that we have identified an alternate

NCompass Live: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Playful Pedagogy: Using Game Components to Change the Student Experience

Recorded on April 23, 2014. NCompass Live – Research on games and learning have shown us that games can be powerful tools for learning–providing players with the opportunity to learn from and even celebrate failures as part of the natural learning process in a challenging environment. How can universities take advantage of the power […]

Cory Doctorow: Oxford English Dictionary – the future

I hadn’t reckoned on the fact that Oxford University Press is an academic publisher, and

Confronting the Myth of the ‘Digital Native’

But Ms. Hargittai and Mr. King, among others, say that the familiar narrative about tech-smart

Need a study buddy? Borrow a plush one.

Rebecca Harner is lending out “study buddies” in the Colorado College library. I love this idea and from the sounds of it the project was very successful. Via Library Shenanigans.

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