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Andrew Fitzgerald: Adventures in Twitter fiction

In the 1930s, broadcast radio introduced an entirely new form of storytelling; today, micro-blogging platforms like Twitter are changing the scene again. Andrew Fitzgerald takes a look at the (aptly) short but fascinating history of new forms of creative experimentation in fiction and storytelling. Published on Oct 11, 2013

Troll the NSA with this app

USA PRISM Plus will randomly, secretly take photos and tweet them; either straight to the

Twitter wants to follow you online to send you more ads. Here’s how to turn it off.

In a blog post today, Twitter has announced that they will be “experimenting with a way to make ads on Twitter more useful to our users in the United States by displaying promoted content from brands and businesses they’ve shown interest in. Users won’t see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones.” Here’s […]

Why Google really killed Reader, it wants to kill RSS

This isn’t an issue of “openness”, per se — Twitter, for instance, has very good

STOP: Twitter two-factor verification can be hacked in less than 140 characters

Fans of social media were reassured this week as Twitter finally rolled out two-step verification,

Tweetdeck Facebook support to end May 7th

To continue to offer a great product that addresses your unique needs, we’re going to

View my Twitter archive online

I was watching This Week in Google yesterday and one of the guests mentioned making his Twitter archive public via GoogleDrive. So, I went and did it. It’s only up to date though yesterday and doesn’t update itself as you need to download the data from your Twitter account and then upload the files to […]

Find your fake followers on Twitter

The folks over at SocalBakers.com have an interesting little tool that identifies both fake/empty and