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Throwback Thursday: My First Tweet

Setting up my twitter account. — Michael Sauers (@msauers) March 9, 2007

Tuesday Tech Tip: Twitter Analytics

When was the last time you headed over to analytics.twitter.com and took a look at

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Tuesday Tech Tips: Embedding Content in WordPress

Those of you that know me, know I’m a big fan of WordPress. All of

Sad Tweets

Here’s one of my sad tweets. What are yours?

It seems you can’t copyright a tweet, probably.

But can you even copyright a tweet? I did some research and was unable to

Tuesday Tech Tip: How long have you been on Twitter?

Want to know how long you’ve been on Twitter? Head on over to howlonghavei.com and

On the next Tech Talk: Branding Your School w/ Twitter

Make the power of social media work for your district to tell your story, celebrate