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Tuesday Tech Tip: Editing ePub files

The moment I figured out that ePub files are actually just a zip file full

Historical Software Collection at the Internet Archive

Also at the Internet Archive, their historical software collection: This collection contains selected historically important software packages from the Internet Archive’s software archives. Through the use of in-browser emulators, it is possible to try out these items and experiment with using them, without the additional burdens of installing emulator software or tracking down the programs. Many of these […]

Calibre makes it to 1.0

Today, after seven years of development, the amazing Calibre program has reached it’s 1.0 release. Take a moment to see what’s new in this version and then head on over to the download page and grab your copy.

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Adobe Digital Edition 2.0.1 now available

Looks like it’s mostly bug fixes and possibly some improvements in font management. Download @ http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions/download.html.

That’s not a CD…

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Debenu PDF Tools Pro for free

Debenu PDF Tools Pro is a powerful set of PDF tools which can help you

“Physically” signing electronic documents

Luckily, most of the electronic documents that I’ve received recently that require my “physical” signature

Dropbox 2.0 has dropped

I’m sure it’ll be offered as an automatic update eventually but for those of you

Want Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for just $9.95?

Are you a government employee? If so, you may quality to get the latest version