A Map of 3D Printers in Libraries

Amanda Goodman is creating a Google Map of libraries with 3D printers. So far there are a lot of missing pins so, if you’ve got a 3D printer in your library, head on over to the Map, and add your pin.

Note: I’ve embedded the live map above, so if by the time you read this there is a pin or two in Nebraska, that explains why I said there wasn’t.

8 Replies to “A Map of 3D Printers in Libraries”

  1. I love this site. I volunteer at the Brookfield Public Library in IL. I’ll add a pin.
    We just got a new Type A printer and a Monoprice Mini Select. after an old Makerbot went kaput.
    We have a 3D Printing club that meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM. All ages are welcome, kids with an adult. The library accepts .stl files from patrons by email for printing, contact them for details.

  2. This is in accurate. Not all of them are free. And you just can use them. Some are classes you have to take in order to gain access.

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