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Being proactive in your community with Google Alerts

I’m back in the office from both the Wyoming and Nebraska Library Association conferences before

Searching 2.0 Presentation (choose your format)

Trainer Michael Sauers applies the super-search strategies he is known for to the latest generation

Searching 2.0 Presentation

Presented at the Nebraska Library Association Paraprofessionals Spring Meeting in Lincoln, NE on 18 March 2010.

Sales figures

I’m excited by these numbers. They’re great numbers for the world of publishing for libraries.

Two more reviews of Searching 2.0

Some days I just love opening my mail. “This book has something for nearly everyone. Even

Killer review of Searching 2.0 in Library Journal

Professional Media — Library Journal, 7/23/2009 2:06:00 PM Sauers, Michael. Searching 2.0. Neal-Schuman. 2009. c.200p. ISBN

Searching 2.0 presentation

Thanks to everyone who attended either via EI or PEN today. Here’s the presentation for

Searching 2.0 now available!

I just got the word from Neal-Schuman customer service: the book is back from the

Searching 2.0 is coming!

I just heard the following from my editor: “We sent the book to press on