Killer review of Searching 2.0 in Library Journal

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— Library Journal, 7/23/2009 2:06:00 PM

Sauers, Michael. Searching 2.0. Neal-Schuman. 2009. c.200p. ISBN 978-1-55570-607-4. pap. $65.
Sauers (technology innovation librarian, Nebraska Library Commission; Using the Internet as a Reference Tool) puts his long experience as a technology trainer to good use here. The 2.0 in the title of course refers to the emergence of Web 2.0 and by extension the web services inherent in Library 2.0. Finding information using these new services requires new search techniques and perhaps a broader view of what searching means. Sauer outlines the central concepts of Web 2.0 as convergence, remixability, and participation. He quickly moves into the details of Web 2.0 services, including tagging and folksonomies; social bookmarking; Wikipedia; searching media on Flickr, YouTube, or Podscope; searching locally with mapping services; searching with "inside the book" services; OpenSearch plugins; searching web archives; desktop searching; and using data visualization while searching. He also covers Web 1.0 search engines Google, Microsoft Live, and Yahoo! However, he concentrates on advanced or specialized search features, presenting them in detailed step-by-step fashion, providing many examples and screenshots. Most chapters end with a list of exercises and a summary of the important points; there is also a companion web site (  Searching 2.0 is the next best thing to attending a live presentation or workshop. Recommended for all librarians in need of a good grounding on new search capabilities in Web 2.0.—Robert Battenfeld, B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Lib., Long Island Univ., Brookville, NY

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  1. We at Neal-Schuman are very proud to publish Michael's books….it is truly a stellar work.

    Charles Harmon
    Neal-Schuman Publishers

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