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Tuesday Tech Tip: Paste & Search in Chome

A while back I mentioned Paste & Go in Firefox. Chrome does something a little bit different. In this case try copying some text, and then right-clicking into Chrome’s OmniBox (a.k.a. address bar) and select “Paste and search”.

Tuesday Tech Tip: Quick Chrome Cache Cleaning

In Chrome, press CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE and you’ll be taken directly to the Clear browsing data screen

Tuesday Tech Tip: Google Voice Search from the Keyboard

This one’s pretty specific but still worth sharing. While in Chrome and on Google.com type CTRL-SHIFT-. (period) to initiate voice search.

Google pulling the plug on Chrome Frame plug-in

I’m really only bothering to mention this since it does impact Overdrive Read for some people.

Is your browser HTML5-ready?

Thanks to Jason Clark for pointing me to html5test.com. Here’s the results I got which

Chrome Channel Changer

Did you know that you can instruct Google Chrome to update more often than it

Of routers and Chrome

Three routers, three different brands (Linksys, TRENDnet & Gateway) and whenever I log into the